Emotional Healing With Angels - Healing Happens When Angels Enter
"God heals THROUGH people to create Unity and Community"
Emotional Healing With Angels:
After healing session with Rekha I feel free in the most profound part of my soul. I can't put into words the pain and negativity that has been lifted caused by my ex boyfriend and understood why he did and asking for forgiveness.  This is not out of ego, I know I have a lot of work to do within myself, but that pain was very deep in my soul and now it's gone.   I'm so very grateful to God and the angels, and also to you for being a channel of his work.  I feel so much healing and peace, the kind that can only come from Jesus. I had to share this. I think the angels are really celebrating today, something in my soul tells me that.

 My friend Rekha....one of the most powerful emotional healing, past lives' karma balancing techniques offered in this book with assistance from angels who represent the light and Christ consciousness only....with Rekha's assistance a year ago....I was able to go back, and balance 3 key past lives.....and healed and balanced so much karma. My daughter Isabella (crystal child) spent time with Rekha, and we all were able to meet with Christ himself within us.
Rekha helped me with my severe right heel pain in spring of 2011. It began last fall.....so I had it for 6 months....so we went back together to those past lives to see the cause – how I created this pain to others. Two weeks after that, I had my injury (arm) but at least my foot stopped hurting! Later I found out that I fractured my arm. Past lives healing works because it clears the energies that have attached themselves to our energy field as karma. I ask all souls for forgiveness and the angels heal and change the past life; integrating fragment of my soul into my higher self. – Terah -
“A pivotal moment in my life was when I met Rekha. I was "pulled" to her and there was great reason. Before I began my personal path of my own purpose, there were immediate issues that needed to be cleared. I went to one workshop and then was lead by my guides to continue one-on-one healings with her. I do not know exactly what it is that happens through this healing but my life has been transforming and meeting her was not "by accident." My family, my friends; all issues that resided "under the surface" have been miraculously lifted and my relationships have become once again whole. I am eternally grateful for the Angels and their work through Rekha. I am eternally grateful for her existence. Because of all that has opened in my life, I am going to claim a permanent spot on her table... Mandatory."                                                                                -April
"I had been miraculously healed of a hereditary inherited heart disease called Mitral Valve Prolapse that has no possible cure. Rekha had given me a copy of her book “Emotional Healing With Angels.” I was leaving for my yearly ultrasound appointment; I heard the words in my mind saying “take the book with you.” The technician took much longer to look for the signs of the disease but could not find anything and told me there is nothing to worry about when you go to see your cardiologist. I was in disbelief yet at the same time elated with joy and gratitude.
“I recommend this book to anyone interested in following a healing journey through life and its many challenges. Emotional Healing With Angels is a map that you can use to follow your own personal journey - you may choose the routes you take, but the map will help show you the way.”
“What I enjoy about Emotional Healing With Angels is that it is not a instant solution of life’s problems: the author and the angels place the responsibility firmly with us, giving us tools with which to go forward. The prayers and insights it offers for our use are a daily source of comfort, renewal, and strength.”
“My healing session with Angels resulted in going back in my childhood, reliving an experience with my mother and with what she had programmed me. Going through the process of healing showed me to forgive myself, my mother, to heal and release the past to a degree of my understanding and acceptance of self. The results were amazing—physical pain in my neck and shoulders left and my friends noticed the transformation as I began to share my feelings with them.”
"Rekha's Healing with Angels workshop helped me discard unsupportive thoughts and guided me to forgiveness. A magical and healing evening."
I attended Angel’s healing workshop in 2006, at the time I was suffering from different degrees of depression and a constant feeling of sadness, which seemed to have no apparent reason. My life was good. During the healing process, I was revealed and had relived the experience of my past life’s (many century ago) horrific death. By healing, forgiving and letting go of the pain this allowed me to release the deep hold of sadness within that I couldn’t seem to shake before. I am thankful for angel’s healing and deeper understanding of self.”
I was confused and living under dark clouds. I went to see Rekha for a facial and told her about my state of mind. Rekha said,  I will say angel's prayer to clear your fear, doubts and negative energy. At the same time she came across a hard knot on my jaw line. I told her that my jaws were misalign because of wrongly placed braces. I get a sharp pain when I eat the only way for the dentist to fix my jaw is to break it first and I am not going to go through that. Rekha said that she would ask the angel to align my jaw. Since that day I have not experienced that sharp pain while eating.
                                                                                  -With grateful heart, Pamela
“Rekha takes you on her physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual journey, and in the end it becomes your journey. I have read her book Emotional Healing With Angels many times now. Each time I learn something new and discover more about my Self. Through Rekha, the angels have taught me about effectively dealing with anger and the meaning of true friendship. This book leaves you feeling positive and hopeful; unconditional love is possible."                          
 "Rekha, I just finished your book with the Angels, and it is beautiful.  Thank you for writing it.  It answers a lot of questions I had and gives great direction for soul healing!  Thank you :)"
Auricular Therapy:
Auricular therapy is a technique to find a pressure point in the ear to balance the electromagnetic field in the body that resumes the energy flow in the body, releasing pain (blocked energy). “I had been suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis in different places in my body and face for over 20 years. Healing through Auricular Therapy I felt is worth trying knowing that if it didn’t work it couldn’t hurt. The medicine I was on to treat this condition was no longer providing any relief. After one treatment the itching stopped right away and within a week, the symptoms disappeared, and have not returned. That was 4 years ago.”
“I am amazed and thankful to God and angels for healing my five-year-old foot pain with one treatment of Auricular therapy (A non- invasive energy treatment in the ear). According to the x-ray my doctor told me that due to arthritis the muscles from the bone are detached and I had to live with this pain rest of my life.”
“Universal energy healing through Auricular therapy brought instant relief to my sciatic pain. Two years ago I was six month pregnant and the baby was blocking my left side of energy flow causing sciatic pain. I could hardly walk. Right after treatment I was filled with joy that I could not only walk but dance without pain."
“I came to Rekha to see if she could help me with the tension and pain I have been having in my neck. She pin-pointed the area and immediately the tension disappeared. After a week the pain was gone. I am coming back to have her help me with other issues too. Thank you Rekha for your gift of healing."
"I decided to try this type of healing for my emotional eating issues. I had the treatment done today and I wanted to state what happened on the table. I immediately felt much discomfort in my lower back which I always feel at night in bed. Through the process, the pain went away and the area felt oddly comfortable and like energy was now flowing instead of feeling tight and blocked. I am excited to see what happens moving forward as a result of this treatment. Thank you!"                                            
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