Emotional Healing With Angels - Healing Happens When Angels Enter
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"It is not OF me, it is THROUGH me..."
 -Rekha Vidyarthi
Workshop/Healing Session You will Learn and Know How.......
• To find answer and heal your specific issue or problem.
• To become aware if you are repeating parental imprinting.
• (this is your key to change how you live your life)
• Your inner emotional condition (unconscious thought) is the real reason for your outer situation.
• To heal anger, fear, guilt, stress, parental imprinting, money, weight, relationship issues and past lives, Angels/Jesus/God plays an important role.
• That healing is nothing more than experiencing a shift in perception…from illusion to truth and choosing differently.
• To attain Angelic insights and healing of your past life's karmic implication in the present experience is showing you a lesson to learn and heal.
Through Angel’s process of healing you will learn….
• Meaning of self-Acceptance
• asking for forgiveness from others
• Creating Self-Love
Benefits from Angel’s interactive method of healing….
• Increased self-awareness to ultimately know who you really are!
• Meeting and healing your inner child=God within=self-love
• Transformation at DNA level will free you from celluller memory and karmic debts. You not only free yourself but your parents as well from repeating the same issue life after life.
• Angels continue to heal you and you will need extra sleep as your vibrations of your physical body being adjusted.
 "Life's lessons are learned within the Self"
  • Emotional Healing With Angels($85 per hour)
  • Phone session of healing Emotional Chaos (85.00)
  • Past lives healing session - $85.00 per hour
  • DNA clearing for parental inherated issues,  behavior and emotional issues $85.00 
  • House/ Soul Clearing of Negative Energies ($45.00)
  • Reiki Healing treatment (60.00 per hour)
  • Neck, shoulders and heel's Pain claring ($85.00)
  • International requests on skype, please fill out the request form. $85.00
  • Relationship Issues Healing ($85.00)
  • Under extra 15 min. is free over 15 min. will be of additional $20.00 cost.
  • Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children Classes ($15 per child/ class)
  • 'Soul Awakening through Emotional Healing with Angels' Circle ($20 per person)
  • Healing Financial Issues with the Angels workshop $35.00 per person.
  • Clearing Anger through Angel's Healing Workshop - ($75.00)
  • Clearing Finantial Issues through Angel's healing Workshop - ($35.00)
  • Reiki certification Workshops
  • Reiki 1 (100.00, one day)
  • Reiki 2 (100.00, one day)
  • Master Reiki (200.00, week end)
    • Emotional Healing With Angels; Teacher's Training Certification - Prerequisite Reiki Master (200.00 weekend workshop) 
    All services are provided Via Phone or in Person
    Contact Rekha
    (954) 554-3682
    Monthly Emotional Healing with Angels’ Circle - 1 hour, $20.00 per person
    Tuesdays, Fiirst of every month 7-8pm: At Your Big Picture Cafe, May 1, 2012 - 4900 S University Dr. Davie FL 33328. For more info call 954-554-3682. Investment in Self $20.00 
    Life is a gradual process of evolution of soul. Healing is a process and the level of healing received equals to a level of acceptance of ‘Self’ you are at. Too many people are stuck in their life with their repeated patterns and issues such as parental imprinting, learned behavior, mental recording, belief system, fear, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, unworthiness, unhealthy habits, weight, money and relationship issues.
    This circle is designed to make you aware that you behave and act like your parents and attract in your relationship or in marriage your parent’s personality. They will open the same issues so you can clear your parental issues and make peace with them. Angels helps you to remember and identify these issues and heal your “Inner Child” through prayer and process of healing given to Rekha by Archangel Michel and written in her book “Emotional Healing with Angels.”
    Everyone in the circle will receive healing by their Angels.
    Please RSVP your attendance. 
     Please RSVP your attendance. 
    "Life moves you because you are the lesson in your life"
    Emotional healing with angels is often a life changing experience yet it is a process and healing is received at the level of acceptance of ‘Self’ you are at. This process requires interactive method in order to find answers within for your outer issues of anger, guilt, fear, sadness, parental imprinting and challenges that you may be facing or stuck in daily life’s experiences. The angel helps to awaken your soul’s memory through inner child where these issues are stored as unconscious thoughts that help you to classify the connection to your outer condition so you can accept, forgive and create love for self and choose differently in order to move forward. You become awaken in your soul and illusion begins to drop when you understand how each experience in life presents you with an opportunity to see the larger truth…sometime it may lead you to a past life to see a bigger picture in order to understand the law of karma. The purpose of healing is to increase ‘Self-awareness’ that brings you closer to God within yourself removing separation.  
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