Emotional Healing With Angels - Healing Happens When Angels Enter
An Angelic Messenger
Rekha is a pure conduit for Jesus, Angels and The Team of Light. She has been taught how to heal and transform herself from her own emotional issues over the past sixteen years.
 Her parental imprinting, patterns, anger, fear, deep sadness, depression, guilt, money issues, karmic debts of many past lifetimes all have lead her to where she is today.
She is a published author, Reiki Master, spiritual counselor, and a transformational healing facilitator. She has held many “Emotional Healing with the Angels Workshops” in different New Age centers in Florida.
Angels' teachings primarily began in her childhood. An Angel visited her consistently yet she was not ready to follow Him at that time. He later returned to teach her in 1994 after she became Reiki Master.
She has recently published her second book entitled, “Healing Hands of Jesusunder Jesus' and Arch Angel 's guidance. Her first book is entitled, "Emotional Healing With Angels."
(954) 554-3682
To purchase the book, please click the book above or visit Amazon and click the button below: Or order at www.trafford.com Put in the title 'Healing Hands of Jesus'
"Healing Hands Of Jesus" is a gift from God to the world. It teach us how Jesus and His Archangels heal past lives through prayer and interactive method that shortens incarnation by clearing, changing, and integrating past life's personalities; one fragment at a time.
Rekha also works closely with Jill Jones and writing her 3rd book with Jill - "Healing Hands of Jesus Book 2".
Jill through her intutive guidance and inner sight brings out the information that needed to be healed. She holds the space for Jesus and his angels for healing and Akashic record readings. 
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