Emotional Healing With Angels

Healing Happens When Angels Enter

"Healing Within Brings Outward Healing"


Demonstrating how humans can be healed of emotional suffering, physical trauma by healing past lives to clear karmas. Rekha and the Angels bring forth a new interactive method of healing where you are the participant in creating your healing and Freedom of self.

Rekha presents Angels' interactive healing method by client's participation with their inner child through Angels' healing process and the prayer. The client experience and understand the cause of creating their physical situation or experience. It can be a karmic lesson, parental biological inheritance, or a past life's personality's mirror. Healing is achieved on many levels, healing past lives are necessary to clear deeper levels. It brings forth a totality in your own complete healing: Inner and the Outer.

In addition to her new unique quantum healing method, Rekha also facilitates an Indigo Children Class. Through Jesus' guidance she offers an Angelic classroom where children can come together and identify with that which makes them individually and dynamically connected to the Divine.

Jesus: Each Indigo child is given a direct badge of divine power of the light. They were born ignited as apposed adults who have to work to ignite their power within.

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Article published in Feb. 2010 and Aug. 2011 issue of Natural awakening 

Healing Past Lives with Angels

 Everything in life is a gradual process of evolution of human consciousness. Therefore, healing is a process of becoming aware of your soul’s agenda of karmic dues, issues, patterns, belief systems and past lives' lessons to be learned. Healing depends on the individual’s level of awareness and self-acceptance. All emotional issues are eventually connected to your fear, guilt, anger and non forgiveness. To begin with every experience in life is created by your energies. If you are angry it is your anger, if you are blaming someone it is your issue, if someone causing you pain he/she is opening up your suppressed trauma or issues or past life’s karmic dues meeting within, and it needed to be remembered, understood, and healed. Your outer situation is a reflection of your inner emotional condition. If you can see emotional situation outside of you then you can feel inside of yourself by taking the inventory of your feelings. Because all answers and past lives are within and everything begins with you but the illusion of limited human awareness makes you believe that others are causing you your pain. Remember that you are at the cause of creating your life’s experiences not the effect of it. If you can accept this then you are ready to find answers within and Angel's healing begins.....

Our mind needs answers in order to change perspective and most answers lies in our childhood, parental biological inheritance (DNA) and in past lives. That’s why it becomes utterly important to look within for answers by connecting to your inner child with the help of your Angel or higher-self. The Angel guides you and gradually shows you the real cause and why you created your experiences in the first place and now the present negative experience is providing another opportunity to change your perspective by making a different choice. Time after time, life after life humans had been provided the same opportunity but we were stuck not knowing how to heal and choose differently.

According to our soul’s karmic agenda and personalities, we choose our parents so that the parents reinforce soul’s agenda all over again as a trigger for us to remember and begin our journey in search for answers. Too many people are stuck in life with their repeated patterns, issues such as parental biological inheritance, family’s karma, anger, fear, guilt, sadness or depression, unhealthy habits, weight, and money issue. Some of these issues can be parental inheritance or learned behavior from the environment or past life’s personalities and being repeated over and over in many lives. In present incarnation our immediate respond will be to get angry at our parents if parents have not treated us with love and kindness but it is not where it began. The parents are only the catalyst or respond to our past life’s personality. Archangel Michael said the following words about anger written in my book “Emotional Healing with Angels.”

“Blaming others is a projection of your own irresponsibility of yourself. To be angry with others is a projection of your own anger. In blaming, the attention gets shifted from SELF to others. It is an easy way out, with no learning. Your purpose here is to learn about yourself not about others. Shifted focus is going without, ignoring within. This shows lack of honesty, respect, and betrayal of “Self”. You are not practicing the teachings and are losing the balance. Once you lose the balance, you lose everything. Absolutely no lesson is learned in that area. If you make a choice to learn and accept, then the lesson will be learned in that area, field or category.”

 From my second book “Healing Hands Of Jesus”

God’s collective consciousness said;

“What created karma is overindulging, greed, hurting others for self gratification, free will is the ability to choose with no interference, but the humans made poor choices hence the birth of karma—which is a law of cause and effect—what you do to others, you do it to yourself.

The less baggage you have and by baggage meant karma, the faster you will increase your frequencies/vibrations and you will be connected to the higher vibrations. Planet earth, which is by the way, is not being destroyed. Not everyone is going to ascend at the same time but there is no comparison, no one is superior or inferior.

Life is a continuous event. Karmic things and past lives are happening right now in this moment. You can choose to change it. It is a misconception of time you call it past lives. Time organizes to have a human existence. You are energy and being energy you are both here, there and everywhere at the same time. Some of the life’s experiences are definitely destiny. The key thing to know is that you always will be the same energy, your soul vibrating the same energy.”

Rekha Vidyarthi is an author; transformational angel’s healing facilitator, and Reiki Master.


All hardships in life are opportunities to fulfill the soul’s basic need to connect with the Divine. There is much growth and learning if you change the negative energy of your thought patterns, issues, and attitude. It is important to know yourself because your energy is what attracts the situation. One must look within the “Self” because life’s lessons are learned within the Self. All answers are within. Angels help you to remember and connect with your issues so you can heal and change yourself and the situation.

The mind needs answers in order to change perspective and most answers lie in childhood and past lives. That’s why it becomes utterly important to look within for answers by connecting to your inner child with the help of an Angel. The Angel guides you and gradually shows you the cause – why you have created the experiences in the first place, and that the present, negative experience is providing another opportunity to change your perspective by making a different choice.

 You may find your money issue caused by parental imprinting or learned behavior, mental recording, or a karmic lesson from a past life. These energies can be healed and cleared by the Angels. Your present level of Self awareness, will determine the level of healing you can achieve. Many emotions and issues come into play along with lack of money, such as anger, fear, guilt, worry, anxiety, etc.

How to Find Core Money Issues

1. Parental Imprinting – What was the money situation with your parents while you were growing up? What was your parents’ story? Too little, living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay bills, no money for holidays, too tight to spend out of fear, emotional spenders to please themselves or others, worrier, or too attached to money?

2. Mental Recording – What messages did you receive during childhood that shaped your beliefs, creating a mental block? Examples are “you can’t have this or that,” “you will never make it in your life,” “you are no good for anything,” “you will never amount to anything,” etc. 

3. Learned Behavior – How do you spend your money? What kind of relationship do you have with your money? Are you mirroring your parents? Do you respect money? Are you grateful for what you earn or have? Do you spend aimlessly? Do you often eat out?  

4. Law of Attraction – What do you think about money? Do you always feel that you lack for money? Are these your childhood thoughts? Thoughts are energy and create your experience regardless of what you are asking to have.

5 How does your money situation make you feel? What kind of emotions surface with your money situation; anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, great loss, sadness, shame, or guilt? With some of these issues you may be mirroring your past life’s karmic feelings that you caused to others.

How to Create Financial Freedom

1. What do you want to change about your money? Establish your goal, determine your short term and long term priorities, then decide how much money you need in order to reach them. 

 2. Develop a written spending plan or budget to monitor your spending and saving habits, according to what is coming in. There has to be a balance.

3. Angels’ Healing – This is done through prayer and the Angels’ interactive method of healing, which clears the old energy of thought patterns from DNA, and changes the outcome. (Prayer and process of healing was taught to author by Archangel Michael and written in her book)   

Rekha Vidyarthi is a published author of “Emotional Healing with Angels.” She has been assisting people to heal by guiding them through prayer and the Angels’ interactive healing method for 16 years. People experience transformative healing that clears them from DNA, negative energies, parental imprinting, trauma, dark sparks, karma, and personalities of past lives.